​2016 Capital Bikeshare Member Survey Yields Top Reasons For Usage

When asked why they joined Capital Bikeshare, 89% of the respondents to the 2016 Members Survey said they did so because the familiar red bikes were quicker and easier than other modes available, making it by far the biggest reason members gave for joining.

The second most cited reason (69%) was that biking was a fun way to travel.

More than 6,000 current and former members completed the online survey in October 2016. The full report includes analysis of many behaviors, motivations, and characteristics of members. Some key findings include:

  • 65% of Members use Bikeshare to get to work.
  • Members saved an average $631 a year on travel costs.
  • 80% of Members said they are more likely to patronize businesses that are accessible by Bikeshare.
  • 33% of Members said they increase their use of Bikeshare since Metro’s SafeTrack campaign began in June 2016.
  • Many members said they would use Bikeshare even more if the system had more bikes and docks available (55%) and added more stations (39%).
  • There is overall satisfaction with the service. When rating 15 individual features of the system, more than 50% of members rated each a 4 or 5 (on a scale of 1 [poor] to 5 [excellent]). The features with the lowest ratings were Availability of Bikes at Docks (24% rated 1 or 2) and Availability of Open Docks (23% rated 1 or 2).

Read our Executive Summary for more details.