Capital Bikeshare is adding 500 ebikes! ⚡

Starting March 18, we’re increasing our Capital Bikeshare Plus fleet to 500 ebikes. When this rollout is complete, approximately one-in-eight Capital Bikeshare bikes will be electric!

Because the ebikes have a higher cost than classic bikes and in order to support this new product and related operations, when you upgrade your ride to an ebike, it will be an additional $1/ride beginning April 15.

What does this mean for you?

  • As we roll out these ebikes, Capital Bikeshare is waiving the $1 ebike upgrade until April 15, 2019 for all riders

  • There are no changes for classic bikes - ride as you normally would!

  • Riders who are eligible for Financial Assistance Programs will not be charged for the upgrade.

  • Unfortunately, you cannot upgrade to a Capital Bikeshare Plus ebike at a kiosk at this time. Please download the Capital Bikeshare app in order to purchase.

Thanks for being a part of the Capital Bikeshare community! For additional information, please visit our Plus Bike page and Electric FAQ.