Cycling New Year's Resolutions

Still trying to decide on a New Years Resolution? Capital Bikeshare is here to help! We’ve pulled together some bike-friendly goals for 2020 for those of you looking to mix up the traditional resolution.

Start your year off right!


The Washington Area Bike Association (WABA) represents people who see biking as a solution for the traffic, health and environmental challenges facing the D.C. metropolitan area. WABA offers extensive bike education classes, hosts community rides, and advocates for safer streets and bike infrastructure.

Become a member in 2020 and tap into your local bike community

Switch Up Your Route

Whether you’re commuting or exploring a new neighborhood, switch up the scenery and try a few new bike lanes. You never know what you may find, maybe you’ll ride past a park you didn’t know was there or discover a new restaurant.

Explore DC's extensive bicycle network of cycle tracks, bike lanes, and trails

Become a Cold Weather Warrior

We totally get it, cycling in not-so-great weather can be a little traumatic; but no worries, CaBi is here to help! A few months ago we blogged on Cold Weather Cycling Tips. Remember to bundle up, plan ahead and accessorize!

Learn other tips here

Take a Group Ride

Sometimes all you need to get going is a push in the right direction. There are plenty of local organizations hosting group rides that can help you gain the confidence to explore a new area of town or tackle your first long distance ride. Women & Bicycles hosts a weekly meetup and posts group rides from their facebook page, and WABA offers a variety of year-round events and classes.

Check out upcoming WABA events