20 Million Trips and the Search for 20 Gold Keys

It was impossible to imagine in 2010 that we’d be able to talk about celebrating 20 million rides. But thanks to so many amazing members, tourists, and local travelers, we celebrated 20 million rides in April with some fun and giveaways leading up to this incredible milestone.

Over the span of five days, 20 ‘gold CaBi keys’ were hidden under bike seats across metro DC. Five winners received a lifetime membership and 15 winners were awarded gift packs and prizes from Pedal Perks partners. Casual riders who used the handy CaBi mobile app also enjoyed free unlimited rides all week long.

The Search for the Gold Keys

Members receive their very own CaBi key which have come in multiple colors over the years. The keys are a coveted item! When we saw the gold key for the first time, we knew in that moment this was going to be fun. We decided to go for the ‘golden ticket’ effect and send our loyal riders on an adventure well worth their time. 20 keys were hidden randomly on CaBi bikes over the course of five days. Prizes included five lifetime membership to Capital Bikeshare, and 15 prize packs and gift cards from a few Pedal Perks partners.

Throughout the week, the weather was unpredictable, wet and windy with some sunshine in the mix. Nevertheless, our members were persistent. They followed clues on Twitter all week long given by CaBi staff and fellow riders. The frenzy of seat checking was witnessed by many and sanity was challenged.

All we can say is hard work and lots of squats seemed to pay off for him. Congrats on your gold key, Andrew!

The Stories of Our Winners
The stories behind the discovery of the keys capture the love so many hold for Capital Bikeshare. We’ve enjoyed celebrating with the people who have contributed so much to CaBi and rewarding them, in large and small ways, was our goal. Based on the responses, I think we can safely say—mission accomplished!

Lifetime Membership Winners
The winners of the lifetime memberships gave us a glimpse into why and what they love about Capital Bikeshare.

Jonathan Miller
“I've used bikeshare for many years, often to supplement my commute and get some more exercise while doing it. That's why I joined and have been a member since April 2011.I really enjoy the data that CaBi provides, including the fact that I've taken over 2300 trips over all those years!”

Russell Miller
“I am a true bikeshare evangelist and have been a member since the first months of service. I actually sold my car after joining bikeshare all those years ago and started commuting entirely by bike. I like to buy a pass for friends and family who are coming to visit the city. On the first day we ride together to sightsee. It's a great way to see the monuments and an opportunity to get them comfortable riding a bike and using the system. I leave them with the pass and a helmet and most of them end up exploring far more as a result.”

John B. Hall
“Riding Capital Bikeshare is all about the journey! I love exploring our region by bike and taking in all the sights. CaBi makes commuting fun and efficient, it allows me to travel to places far and wide, and it affords me the flexibility to change my plans along the way. My favorite Bikeshare trip is riding back to Arlington after a Nats game because I can avoid all the congestion and get home in a flash. I started riding CaBi six years ago when a buddy of mine first showed me how to ride on city streets, and since then I’ve been proud to introduce others to this wonderful system.”

Marisa Kushner
“I love knowing CaBi is always an option when I am either looking for a reason to be outside or when I need to get somewhere faster than my feet alone can take me. We've taken short trips when biking is more fun than being on a metro, and leisurely ones as well (evening ride around the National Mall and Tidal Basin for example).”

Robb Dooling
“I moved to Washington, DC in 2014 with the dream of buying my own car. A few months later, I curiously approached the Friendship Heights Metro Capital Bikeshare station after work and rented my first bike. The eventful commutes, convenience, and sustainability of Capital Bikeshare motivated me to live car-free and eventually buy my own bikes for adventure rides from DC to Harpers Ferry and Shenandoah National Park. Two years later, I celebrated my anniversary of moving to DC by docking at my 385th station.”

CaBi Prize Packs and Pedal Perks Gift Card Winners

Trey Gordner
John Lee
Saul Torres-Ramos
Jennifer Molay
Jose Urquilla (finder of 2 keys!)
Richard Peyser
Andrew Heining
Joe LaMaina
Sara Hebel
Shamima Alam
Kanishke Gamag
Dino Kiriakou
Clay Deckert

Thank you to our amazing Pedal Perks partners— The Washington Nationals, Smoothie King, sweetgreen, Moby Dick Kabob, and Compass Coffee for also helping us celebrate 20 million rides.