CaBi: Built Cold Weather Tough

The great thing about Capital Bikeshare is when we say ‘24 / 7 / 365 days a year’ - we mean it. Hot sun, rain, bitter cold, and even snow. It takes a lot for our big red bikes to say ‘no go’. And there are stats to prove it. Capital Bikeshare has closed the full system down roughly eight to 10 days over the last seven years. One hurricane and simply too much snow to blame. Not bad for a system that, unlike many, doesn't pull stations or bikes during the winter. Which means you can spare your own bike from the slush and mess and taking a CaBi bike instead!

As much we the people of the metro DC area brace for just one snowflake with all the toilet paper and bread we can find, the stats also prove that our winters (and biking through them) are far from anything to fear. As shared in Bike Arlington’s Blog, ‘Snow What?’ (January 31, 2017) there were just 11 days out of 122 with snow on the ground and only 8 of those days was it actually snowing during the 2015-2016 season. Sure, little snow. But what about that winter cold? Yes, far colder than our crazy humid summers. But even the cold doesn’t go as low as we prepare for. 92% of that same winter season had a high temperature above freezing. And 65% of those days had a low temp above freezing as well.

What do all those numbers really mean? It means a few layers and a good pair of gloves will make that cold weather CaBi ride to work and play possible. And it shows that CaBi bikes have and continue to embrace the elements so that they hold to their promise.

All day. Every day. Every season.