Explore more this summer

Capital Bikeshare’s Explore More Summer is here and we want to help you make the most of it. Meet up with friends for a picnic, bike to the farmer’s market, or ride over to some of Metro DC’s outdoor festivals.

Get inspired by these CaBi explorers

Friends Siddharth Muchhal and Bobo Stankovikj challenged themselves to use every one of the 723 CaBi docking stations in Metro DC.

At first, they mostly used Capital Bikeshare to get from A to B, but last August they noticed the City Explorer feature in the profile section of the CaBi app. This feature tracks all the docks you visit.

So when they realized they’d only visited 50 to 100 of the 723 stations in Metro DC, they knew what they needed to do.

“We had to visit every bike dock in the system.”

What started as a fun challenge turned into a real community-building experience. Every ride was a new adventure.

“In the suburbs, we got a glimpse into family life and community traditions. We biked past kids’ soccer games and cheered them on, stopped at farmer’s markets where we got fresh bagels, waved to churchgoers on a Sunday and tourists at the Mall,” and they even got to see neighborhoods come to life with vibrant block parties.

By the time they reached the last station, they had a crowd of friends and supporters waiting for them.

They finished by saying that “the lessons from this journey—the chance to appreciate the small moments on 723 different blocks, and the discovery of the internal drive to keep going—will stick with us.”

Share your perfect bike ride on social

Whether you ride to and from hundreds of CaBi docks or just stick to a few of your favorites, biking is a fun way to explore more of Metro DC. Plus, you’ll join a supportive and growing community along the way.

From discovering hidden gems to sharing your favorite local spots with friends, you know your favorite way to hop on a CaBi bike and hit the bike lane (or trail).

How would you describe your perfect bike ride?

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