Capital Bikeshare and Dockless Bike System: Your Top 3 Questions Answered

Here's the top three items to know when looking to take a Capital Bikeshare ride or try out a dockless bike system.

Yes, it’s true—options, options and more options are arriving in Washington, DC today! With the launch of several dockless bikesharing services hitting the District’s streets now through the upcoming weeks, we wanted to take a moment to answer your questions, before you even had to ask.

Here’s the top three items to know when looking to take a Capital Bikeshare ride or try out a dockless bike system.

1. Does Capital Bikeshare own and/or operate any of the dockless bike systems coming to DC?

Nope. Capital Bikeshare is publicly owned by five local jurisdictions: District of Columbia, Arlington County, the City of Alexandria, and Montgomery and Fairfax County.

The dockless bike systems are run by privately owned companies, ie., Mobike, Spin, LimeBike, and are currently only licensed within the District of Columbia. This means all dockless bikes used must be parked within the District of Columbia limits. Capital Bikeshare remains the area’s only bikesharing system where riders are able to ride and park in neighboring jurisdictions.

2. Is Capital Bikeshare going away?

No way—you’d miss us too much. In fact, Bikeshare is celebrating our seventh anniversary today, September 20! With marked expansions in DC and Alexandria already in place and two new jurisdictions—Falls Church and Prince Georges County—coming on board in 2018, we’re looking forward to serving our members for a long time to come.

3. Will Capital Bikeshare’s rates or process change?

No. Our pricing structure will remain as is and will continue to provide daily, monthly and annual member rates. From residents and commuters to visitors, our flexible memberships make it easy to choose the ideal plan for your ride.

Our process stays the same too! You will find our bikes docked (not just locked) at over 480 docking stations across DC, Virginia, and Maryland. And yes, you still need to dock your bike and get that magic green light!

If you have any questions regarding Capital Bikeshare, visit our Help Center or send us a message.

All inquiries about the dockless bike systems can be directed to the specific company (customer service information will located on the dockless bikes).

We look forward to seeing you on two wheels!

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