Capital Bikeshare App is Here!

Capital Bikeshare Launches New App!

Thanks to all who helped test the Capital Bikeshare app this past month, we can now say our own app is officially launched! We know the app, serving both iOS and Android devices, will help make your trips even easier. Check out some key features highlighted below!

Find bikes & docks: Use the color-coded map or list view to see stations near you and real-time bike & dock availability. Stations with valet service have a special icon, and when they're active, it means you're guaranteed to get a dock. Save your favorite stations to find them again easily for your next ride.

Purchase a pass: Purchase a 24-Hour, 3-Day, Single Trip Pass, Annual or 30-Day membership easily through the app. You can even unlock bikes using only the mobile app and avoid the kiosk all together! See the instructions on how to purchase through the app.

Get ride notifications: Enable push notifications to get important updates on your ride. We’ll show you a timer for your current ride, so you can make sure you stay within your ride time. And we'll let you know when you’ve successfully docked your bike and ended a ride, so you never have to worry about walking away with the clock still ticking.

Rent a bike: Forget your Capital Bikeshare key or waiting for it to be delivered? In the app you can log into your account and get a ride code! Just enter the code at any dock and you are on your way!

See your ride stats: Pull down the drawer (hint: it's the double arrow at the top of the map screen) to see your ride stats. We’ll show you your last ride and your all-time stats, including number of rides and total miles ridden.

Download it now! The Capital Bikeshare mobile app is available on the App Store or Google Play! Get it today, and start experiencing Capital Bikeshare in a whole new way!