Hey DC, Meet Your New Ebike

Starting today, we’re rolling out a brand new ebike in DC.

We’re excited to roll out our new ebikes all across the Metro DC region. Over the next couple months, you’ll see more of them every day—ultimately, we’ll add over 850 new bikes to the Capital Bikeshare system.

So give ‘em a go. They’re smoother. They’re brighter. The seat adjusts to higher heights (and lower ones, too). No shifting needed, either. Thanks to the ebikes’s single gear transmission that delivers more power when you go up or downhill. So you can just get on and get where you’re going.

Read more about our new bike’s features below:

Bike Features

Smart & Adaptive Design

  • Intuitive: The new ebike has a seamless, single gear transmission that is tuned perfectly for all speeds and grades of road. In other words, there’s no need to shift gears.

  • Sleek: Now, the battery and all cables are integrated into the frame of the bike.

  • Power and finesse: The bike’s motor is stronger than our current model, at 500 watts, which will allow the bike to add more power when you need it, such as on hills and bridges.

Industry-Leading Safety Features

  • LED front bike light: See–and be seen—day or night.

  • Retroreflective paint: We custom designed a new type of paint that is retroreflective like street signs, illuminating ebikes at night and keeping riders visible.

  • Safety sensors: Our ebike has safety sensors that self-monitor bike parts, including brakes and batteries. This helps ensure riders will have a more reliable bike in a state of good repair.

  • Hydraulic brake: The new ebike has a rear hydraulic brake, which helps riders stop smoothly with less force.

Best-in-Class Experience

  • Double the battery life: The new battery holds 60 miles on a single charge. So you’ll find more ebikes ready to ride for miles.

  • An ebike for all sizes: The new ebike is designed to be more comfortable for a wider range of heights. It also has an improved seat clamp to make seat adjustments easy.

  • Easy unlocking and locking: No more second-guessing if you’ve successfully locked or docked a bike. A built-in screen and speaker helps with that–and more.

Find unlocking instructions, rules of the road, and pricing details on our website.