Dock Light Changes

The Green Light is the Most Important One

Capital Bikeshare has recently implemented a series of software upgrades to improve maintenance of the bikes. Our team will now be able to get more information out of the red and yellow lights on the dock cassettes. Here are the changes you will see on the docks:

Solid Red Light: This is for a bike that has been reported as defective by a customer and needs to be inspected by field staff. This is the same as the current lighting scheme.

Solid Yellow and Solid Red Lights: This is for ebikes that have been blocked in dock due to a low battery charge and should be targeted for battery replacement by battery swapping staff.

Blinking Red Light: This is a bike that has been inspected by field staff and needs to be brought back to the warehouse for repair.

As always, a Green Light means that the bike has been docked successfully. Check out this 15 second video for a quick refresher.